In ABC We Apply COVID-19 Anti-Spread Measures


In ABC Rent A Car we apply measures against the spread of COVID-19.

The corona virus quarantine is finally over. As of May 4th, the economy has re-launched and we are returning to the "new normality". A normality where it will be necessary to implement measures against the spread of COVID-19.

At ABC Rent a Car we apply all the necessary protection measures for both our employees and our customers, always according to the instructions of greek Authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Each car is cleaned with antiseptic fluid on the steering wheel, lever, seats.

In particular, all precautionary measures have been adopted, both in the configuration of our facilities and in the procedures followed throughout the personal, live contact with the customers of the ABC network:

  • Safety precautions are available in our offices (masks, gloves, antiseptic devices).
  • Protective-glass partitions have been installed in the offices for the safe coexistence of employees and customers.
  • The available seats for guests are sparsely placed so that there is a safe distance between them.
  • Credit card payments are strongly promoted for as intact transactions as possible.
  • Our facilities are constantly monitored to avoid the gathering of customers or employees at a distance of less than 2 meters from each other and in any case the limitation of the number of customers and staff is observed depending on the square meters of space.
  • During the day, meticulous and regular cleaning of all surfaces / offices / workbenches is carried out.
  • After the return of each car, a thorough cleaning is carried out with antiseptic liquid on the steering wheel, levers, seats, etc.

Cleaning of surfaces, desks, workbenches for the treatment of COVID-19.