Destination Greece Health First Campaign


The Ministry of Tourism and the Greek Tourism Organization present the new promotional campaign, "Destination Greece Health First", for the safe opening of Greek tourism.

With characteristic and spectacular images of the beauties of Greece, Visit Greece presents us with an atmospheric video clip, which leads to the special website . There, the visitor can find everything he needs and wants to know about the health protection measures from Covid-19 in Greece.

The three most common questions are:

  1. "I want to travel to Greece. Can I;"
  2. "How safe will I be in Greece? What are the measures that Greece has taken for the safety of tourists?"
  3. "What will happen if I get sick during my vacation (I have symptoms)?"

It is no coincidence that Greece is presented worldwide as one of the few truly safe tourist destinations in Europe and in the whole world. It gives the impetus, the encouragement but also the guarantee that the current reality in Greece is exactly as the tourist can dream of it - even the most skeptical or cautious.

Behind every experience that the visitor will live in Greece, there is infrastructure, care and faithful observance of the imposed procedures (health protocols). What the "Destination Greece Health First" campaign shows is that the Greek authorities have taken all measures in order to individually protect each tourist, but also to prevent a possible virus spread in the community.

All of us here at ABC Rent a Car, recognize the special role that our country holds right now, as a leader in providing a safe tourism product. Therefore, we make a great effort to offer quality rental cars on the island of Corfu, taking our share of the responsibility.

We follow strict protection measures against Covid-19, contributing to the general safety of the population. You can read more about our practices in the special article .


The video is an advertising campaign of the Hellenic Tourism Organization and was created by Visit Greece.