Book your Car and Pay with PayPal


Book your car and pay with PayPal or bank account deposit.

At ABC we are constantly striving to improve our services.

In this endeavor, we extend the options we provide to our customers on how to pay for their car.

Now, using the PayPal system, we provide the ability to pay with a variety of credit / debit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). Upon completion of the reservation, we send the receipt to the email address of our customers who have selected as the payment method "Credit Card, PayPal". The message contains information with the remaining steps to complete the payment. The payment is processed in the PayPal system, which is secure and has international validity. Card data is not transferred to third parties and remains secure.

In addition, we offer the option of depositing in a bank account. Ideal choice for those who do not use cards for their transactions.

Also, for those who want to pay upon their arrival in Corfu and car pick-up, they can choose to do so either by card or cash.

In summary, the available payment methods are:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Deposit in Bank Account
  • Cash

Having covered all the possible options, we are sure that our services fully cover the needs of our customers.