Increased Security in our Website Transactions


Increased security in the online transactions of ABC Rent A Car.

In the context of the implementation of the Directive 2015/2366 / EU on payment services, which was incorporated in the Greek legal order with law 4537/2018 (PSD2), electronic transactions through our website proceed to the upgrade of the 3D Secure protocol, with the EMV 3DS security standard version.

A few words about the EMV 3DS

From January 1 2021, for transactions carried out without the physical presence of the card, stricter measures are taken for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Pursuant to the new regulatory framework and the “Strong Customer Identification” procedure, the secure completion of an online transaction will require the holder to use 2 identification elements from a set of three different, independent factors:

Something that the cardholder knows (eg password),

Something that the cardholder holds (eg his mobile device),

Something that the cardholder has (eg his fingerprint).

What are the benefits of implementing EMV 4DS for our customers

  • Increased transaction security & higher protection against fraudulent transactions
  • Immediate approval by the issuer of the payment card, in the majority of transactions

The implementation will be done gradually in the next period in collaboration with the banking institution we work with.

Now you will be able to book your car and spend quality time on the island of Corfu with even greater safety and security.